More Quotables

“Don’t bother reading it, coach. Everyone dies at the end!”
-Ol’ 53, Texas vs. Houston, 1988: to the Longhorns’ Offensive Coordinator, who was studying his laminated “game plan/play chart” on the sideline late in the 4th Quarter of a 66-15 loss to the Houston Cougars. With apologies to former Dallas Cowboys’ receiver, and North Dallas Forty author Peter Gent.
“Hey, that’s great! You attended UTEP?”
-Ol’ 53, Dallas Cowboys Training Camp, 1991: to former University of Tennessee and Dallas Cowboy star Alvin Harper who commented that he (Harper) “went to the real UT.”
“I wanted to go to Texas A&M, but they didn’t recruit me.”
-Ol’ 53, University of Texas Longhorn Freshman Football Reporting Day, 1986: to freshman teammates who asked why he chose to play football at Texas.
“Well, hell yes! But, the penalty wasn’t called on me!
-Ol’ 53, Texas-OU, 1990, after a teammate’s holding penalty: in response to Clovis Hale, Texas Offensive Line Coach, who asked “were you holding on that play?” 
“Yes, we’re Texas…just in case you confuse us with Guatemala.”
-Ol’ 53, Thanksgiving, 2009.

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