More Quotables III

“Great! Let’s take that little s.o.b. out to the turf and shoot him!”
-Ol’ 53, Texas’ offensive line meeting room, 1986: to teammates after then-Head Coach Fred Akers told the team that he (Akers) wanted to “die on a football field.”
“So what? Bob Stoops has done this to Mack Brown for years every second Saturday in October.”
-Ol’ 53, 2007: to a group of UT fans and “Texas Exs” discussing an OU fan who allegedly tore the scrotum of a UT fan in a bar-fight.
-Texas’ Offensive Coordinator, UT vs. New Mexico, 1988: to the ‘Horns offensive line after the offense failed to score another touchdown late in the 4th Quarter with the score 47-0 in favor of Texas.

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