“It’s so much better to attend a University whose mascot is named after a bunch of toothless, white-trash hillbillies who stole land from the American Indians.”
-Ol’ 53, Texas-OU, 1990: responding to an OU fan who said he would “never attend a university whose mascot was a castrated bull.” Of course, being an OU fan, he probably couldn’t attend any university.
“We didn’t lose this game. Time merely ran-out as we were attempting a come-back.”
-Ol’ 53, Cotton Bowl, 1991: to the media following a 46-3 loss to the Miami Hurricanes.
“I’m not an offensive guard. I just play one on T.V.”
-Ol’ 53, Bluebonnet Bowl Media Day, 1987: to the Houston media.
“A turnover here, a missed block there; it all adds up.”
-Ol’ 53, Longhorn dressing room, 1989: to the Austin media following a 50-7 loss to the Baylor Bears in Austin.
“Maybe he didn’t study hard enough?”
-Ol’ 53, 1990: speculating to a member of the Austin media as to why a teammate failed a drug test.

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17 12 2009

A coach once told his players during a position meeting – “some of you younger guys need to get with the older guys and find out how they got so BIG…and I am not talking about that weight room BS…”

17 12 2009

I am sure he was referring to talking with the older guys about the right kind of nutrition plan that would facilitate muscle growth.

18 12 2009

The “Soviet Secret” is how players got so big. Afterall, the University paid for **** to spend an entire summer in the former USSR and East Germany to find out those secets.

If we only knew it was just Watermelon and Hot Tea with Honey….

18 12 2009

Now that I think about it, maybe he was refering to Ted Arcidi supplements. There seems to be several plays taking the Amino Aicds and Protein Drinks at that time, but most of those guys were freshman????

17 12 2009

“He is on a special diet, he needs more “green” than you an I do.”

Baylor Game 1987′ – After the games, each player got a box lunch. I onced asked a Senior why a particular player always got a box lunch from under the counter.”

17 12 2009

Green as in vegetables I’m sure!

17 12 2009
Sprint-Draw Johnny

“86 Sprint Draw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

18 12 2009

Come on, Let’s call it by the correct name – “The Usual”, as called by the answer to this riddle…

Riddle me this Batman, Who ran an offense for the University of Texas with one of the games best all-purpose athletes, and won 11 games in two years and kept his job for another 3 years?

Answer: “The Riddler”.

20 12 2009

Oh yes.

Screens on the goal-line?
7 step drop-back passes on 3rd & short?
No Tight End?
No blocking full-back?

The only college football villain diabolical enough to make those decisions…the Riddler.

5 01 2010

The Pirate beats the Riddler every time

8 01 2010
Gr*g Davis

Those sound like some great ideas. Maybe I can use them with Gilbert next year. Thanks OL53texas.

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